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Walt Clark Middle School

W.E. Are Cougars

Achieve, Respect, Engage

Student learning to fly a drone as part of our STEMX program.
Mr. Wilson, 7th Grade Language Arts Marble Activity

Mr. Wilson, 7th Grade Language Arts, teaches how to play a new sport, marbles. This year, Colby Peden our new Marble Champ this year!

Monarchs hatched in our Butterfly Sanctuary
Monarchs hatched in our Butterfly Sanctuary

Monarchs hatched in our Butterfly Sanctuary

Staff vs. Students Flag Football Game
Staff vs. Students Flag Football Game
Sautéed Crickets
Sautéed Crickets

With the help of Mr. Smith's FACS class, brave tasters, Kiren Rushton and Evan Myers, sample some crickets cooked in olive oil and seasoned with chili-lime salt. 

6th Grader's training in depression awareness and suicide prevention.
Christopher Fairbank Guest Speaker

Students were able to learn how to overcome obstacles in their lives.

Zakary Cavanagh, 6th Grader, won the TSD Spelling Bee

Zakary Cavanagh, 6th Grader, won the TSD Spelling Bee last Saturday, correctly spelling “thoroughbred”. Elaina Brese, 8th grader, won fifth place and former champ Adrian Salazar, 8th grader won seventh place. Amazing showing from our Cougars!

January Teacher of the Month

Walt Clark's own 7th grade math teacher, Anne Quintanilla, received January's Teacher of the Month Recognition, sponsored by Loveland's Rotary Club. Congratulations, Anne!

LLLB provides new shovels for students to plant gardens, and build a RC Track for STEM WCMS!

THANK YOU LLLB for replacing our old splintery 30 year old shovels! 

Free Books

Free Books! Our Media Center is "weeding" books, which means taking out the old books (some haven't been checked out since 1974!) and ones that have more than one copy. Students are encouraged to look at the ones added each week. The leftover books are given to......


Field Trip to Ursa Major Technologies in Berthoud

Walt Clark's Pep and Choir

Walt Clark's pep band and choir got a lot of compliments from fans and teachers about our sound and the positive impact we've had on basketball and wrestling.

Mr. Arrington, P.E. Teacher

PE Teacher, Athletic Director, Cross Country and Boys and Girls Basketball and Track Coach


Greenhouse Spotlight

Mr. Miller's class is checking out soil composition and learning the importance of microorganisms. We are really looking forward to seeing all the produce the students grow as we venture into Spring.

Unified Basketball

WCMS's Unified Basketball team played their hearts out yesterday with a win vs Peakview 24 to 22. Our choir did a great job singing the national anthem and the bleachers were packed on both sides.

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