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7th Grade Literacy 100 Word Challenge Winners

The 100 Word Challenge is the culminating writing project for the Edgar Allan Poe Unit. Students are tasked with writing a scene of suspense using exactly 100 Words. Each student was responsible for writing 3 drafts of their scenes, each time trying to fine-tune it a little bit more. After the final drafts are completed, the scenes receive a ranking and are placed into a knockout tournament bracket. Students then compared two scenes at a time and voted for the one they thought had the best suspense and writing quality on display. Little by little, we whittled it down to a class period champ as well as an overall 7th grade champ.  


1st Hour Champ: Evan Andersen  2nd Hour Champ: Adley Knop  4th Hour Champ: Marianna Samuel-Burnett  5th Hour Champ: Cadence Paulson

Overall 7th Grade Champ: Marianna Samuel-Burnett