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Butterfly Sanctuary


Bob Trout Butterfly Sanctuary and Pollination Garden

In Walt Clark's Greenhouse class, students created a pollinator garden, which has flowers and nectar available from early Spring to late Fall. They learn about the importance of pollinators in our world and the challenges they face. 

Our plan started very small, but as community members and local businesses heard about our plan the project grew. With landscaping volunteers we were able to construct what we call today the Bob Trout Butterfly Sanctuary.

Bob Trout was the president of LIMB (Loveland Initiative for Monarch Butterflies) and helped our pollination garden and greenhouse to become what it is today. He has also championed conservation efforts and worked tirelessly to create 

Students worked with LIMB to grow and plant thousands of milkweed plants at local parks, open spaces and residential properties. Students also raise and release butterflies in the Bob Trout Butterfly Sanctuary to help promote awareness of the importance of pollinators.

Our garden design has a 65 feet long butterfly from wing tip to wing tip, with around 40 species of plants within the wings of the giant butterfly that all help pollinators. 

Thank you to Live Laugh Love Believe at and the Moehling Family, Bob Trout & Family, our wonderful volunteers, Lowes of Loveland, Home Depot of Loveland, Jason Rider at, Otterbox and the community of Loveland for supporting our program.

Questions or donations for the Bob Trout Butterfly Sanctuary please contact