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Solar Panels

Walt Clark Middle School is one of the only schools in the Front Range to use solar energy to help run our school.

Students that were part of the Green Team in 2012, wrote grants to the City of Loveland Water & Power, and won the money to put up our solar panels. 

The solar panels were installed on the South side of Walt Clark near the front entrance of the school by Nameste Solar. They are designed not only to produce electricity that student can monitor throughout the day and year, but also provide shade to our counseling offices.

They produce 10kw of energy that is distributed into our building, although not enough energy to run the entire school, they do help offset our monthly energy bills!

Much thanks goes to The WC Green Team 2012, City of Loveland W&P, Nameste Solar, and TSD Facilities for making this project successful!

For more information about this project, contact Sol Miller, Industrial Tech/Greenhouse Sol Miller 970 613-5431