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WEB Leaders

Orientation Day is the first Monday schools begins for the year and dedicated to only 6th Graders.

Our 8th Grade WEB Leaders mentor our incoming sixth graders on orientation day and on a personal level throughout the year.

Activities during the year include:

  • Back to School Dance: This occurs in late August, and it's just the 6th graders and their WEB Leaders. 8th graders will teach 6th graders how dances work at WCMS and have fun socializing with them.
  • Monthly Meetings: These occur regularly each month and will include reminders to contact their 6th graders monthly, fun activities as a group, and further training to ensure advisory lessons are delivered smoothly.
  • Advisory "Push In" Lessons: These occur at least 4 times per year, and are an opportunity for the WEB Leaders to teach a character-building skill during Advisory.
  • Spring Fun Day: This occurs in April or May, as weather allows. Fun obstacle activities, outdoor fun, ice cream, etc. This provides one last opportunity for WEB Leaders and 6th graders to socialize and have fun.

Quotes from our WEB Leaders