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Each content area implements strategies to help students glean knowledge for that subject. Many Walt Clark teachers have attended AVID training for their content area to learn and practices specific strategies of the given subject.

Responding to Open-Response Prompts/Questions using the CER Method (modified from ISN notes) 

What is the prompt/question asking? 

Read the prompt/question carefully 

Circle or underline key words in the prompt/question Restate the prompt/question in your own words 


Your concise response to the prompt or answer to the question. Hint: Use key words and ideas provided in prompt or question. NO "I think" or "I believe"

The rest of your response should PROVE your claim. 


This includes a direct quotation or a paraphrased detail from the text that PROVES your claim is correct. You need to cite your evidence

Sentence starters for introducing evidence 

These sentence starters can help you introduce your text evidence

According to the article, data, graph... 

According to the video... 

In the text... 

The author states that "insert direct quotation(p.____)